Visual Arts

Calvary’s visual arts program serves students in grades K5-12 and seeks to provide students with the opportunity to develop their God-given creative abilities in a wide range of visual arts media and techniques. It is our goal that students leave the program with the tools and confidence to be life-long creators and appreciators of art in their everyday lives.  


In the visual arts program, students are exposed to a wide range of materials, techniques, art styles, artists, and artworks.  Our program includes exploration of media as well as guided lessons and practice in representational artwork and non-objective/abstract artwork.  Art making techniques explored in our program include drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and printmaking. 


Student artwork is displayed on campus and students are given the opportunity to participate in the GAPPS and GAEA visual arts competitions as well as other local, regional, and national level art competitions.  Students are also given information on and encouraged to participate in local visual arts activities, such as those hosted by the Columbus Museum.

High School 

Art I, II, and III classes are offered at the high school level.  These classes meet 5 days a week for one semester.  The art I, II, and III classes are designed to build on each other and allow students to increase their skills and tackle more challenging subject matter, media, and techniques as they progress.  The high school art classes have more of an emphasis on art history and aesthetics than the lower classes and also give students more choice in subject matter.  

Art techniques covered in high school art classes include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and wax-resist.


Middle School

The middle school arts class meets five days a week for one semester.  The main focus of this class is building skills in using two-dimensional drawing and painting media.  Students will use black and white and color media to create realistic and abstract works of art with a focus on still life and landscape.


The academy visual arts class meets two days a week over the course of one semester.  This course focuses on introducing students to the elements of art and has lessons based around each element (line, shape, form, color, texture, space, and value).  Academy lessons place an emphasis on creativity and mainly focus on non-objective or abstract art techniques. 


Elementary School


K5 through fourth graders gain a foundational understanding of visual art and dramatic arts through weekly art classes. Students are given the opportunity to express themselves through learning elements of visual arts and dramatic arts games. We immerse ourselves in worship music throughout class so that we are learning to create in a way that glorifies the Creator.

Elementary students also participate in the GAPPS visual arts competition in the spring. In 2020, we took home first place and second place in the Elementary Colored Painting Category and won second place overall.