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Employment Opportunities

Please review the following instructions before completing an application. No application is complete until it is digitally signed and submitted:


1. Have a resume available to upload.

2. If possible, provide transcripts for all teaching positions.

3. Thoroughly complete each section before moving forward.

4. All documents need to be uploaded in PDF format.

5. Applicants for any teaching position must have earned a minimum of a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.


  • To apply for the following jobs please click                             You can also submit a General Application the same way.
    Note: We will keep your General Application on file based on the degree you list on your resume.

Current Job Openings:


Calvary Substitute Teacher Application:

To apply for a Calvary Substitute Teacher position please complete the application below along with the W-9 tax form and email all completed forms to Lindsey Morgan at


We will be in touch if there are further steps.

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