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The discovery school is designed for students
with specific academic needs and learning differences.


The Discovery School (DS) believes in the uniqueness of every learner. Our purpose is to provide practical learning solutions for students who learn differently so they can attain their individual academic excellence as part of the complete community of CCS. We have created an atmosphere in which students are nurtured, encouraged, and challenged to explore their talents and use their strengths in order to reach their potential. We work closely with the classroom teachers, school administrators, and parents to provide individual and small group instruction daily in the areas of mathematics, reading, and language. 


Acceptance Policy

We have made great strides in providing support to students with varied learning styles. Since we are unable to accommodate all levels of need for students who seek our assistance, we have developed a set of guidelines for use in the CCS admissions process. These guidelines are subject to change as the appropriate resources are made available to us. 


In order to be considered for acceptance into Discovery School and determine if the needs of the student are within the scope of our service capabilities, we require the following:

  • Complete file of psychological testing, diagnosis, and recommendations from a licensed professional

  • Complete cumulative record of educational history

  • Interview with the DS Director, appropriate school administrator and headmaster (if deemed necessary)

  • Understand and agree that acceptance is on a contingency basis during the first full semester of participation.

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