At Calvary Christian School, we strongly believe that Christian education is not a commodity. It is a ministry. It is a commitment. It is a connection – a connection between your child’s needs and your family philosophy and our philosophy.

That’s why at CCS, the first and most important consideration is what is best educationally for your child. All other considerations are secondary. But money IS important, and tuition is an investment in the life of your child.

CCS offers payment plans to make affording Christian education fit within your budget. Families may choose to pay tuition at the beginning of the school year in full, make semi-annual payments in June and January or spread tuition payments over the course of the year in monthly installments. Students enrolled for the next school year by June 1 are eligible to make 12 payments. All tuition for the school year must be paid by May 16.

2021-22 School Year


K3 - K4 (1/2 day)
K5 - 6th grade
7th - 8th grade
9th - 12th grade

First in Family


NOTE: First in family is the oldest child.

Additional Child


10% Discount

Tuition Assistance

CCS has one of the most robust needs-based tuition assistance programs in our area to assist families who demonstrate a financial need. Over $175,000 in tuition assistance is available for qualifying families.

It is imperative that we award this aid as fairly and wisely as possible. That is why we use FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, an impartial third-party service, to assist us in analyzing your family’s needs. For more information on how to apply for assistance, please contact the Admissions Office.