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We caught up with EJ Tymes to see what he’s been up to since graduating from Calvary Christian School in 2021.

🟢 Where are you now? I’m attending Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.

⚫️ What have you been involved while attending GSU? I’m playing Men’s Tennis and I’m involved in Athletes in Action, similar to Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

🟢 Who influenced you the most while at CCS? Mr. Tymes, Coach Durden, and Coach Dunn.

⚫️ What advice do you have for current students who want to make the most out of their experience at CCS? Enjoy the personal relationships you get to develop with the faculty and staff and don’t take for granted all of the Bible studies, chapels, and discipleship weeks. The things you learn from those times still help to this day.

Check it out 👉 EJ was recently named Student-Athlete of the Week at GSU

Thank you, EJ! We wish you the best!



Dr. Ruth Dickens has served as the high school French teacher at CCS since 2018. She currently teaches French I & II and Dual Enrollment French I & II.

🟢 What is your highest degree earned? I have a Ph.D. in Modern European History with a concentration in French history.

⚫️ Please share a bit about your experience in education: I've taught in Georgia, Michigan, France, and Switzerland at various levels ranging from elementary to college. I also homeschooled two of my children through high school.  

🟢 What is a fun fact about you? I met my husband when we were both teaching at the American School in Switzerland!

⚫️ Why do you love working at CCS? At Calvary, I have the privilege of showing the love of Christ to my students, as they learn about language, culture, and faith. 

Thank you, Dr. Dickens. We wish you a wonderful rest-of-the-year!

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Meet Mrs. Emily Davis! Mrs. Davis has taught at CCS for a total of seven years and is one of our two 3rd grade teachers. 

🟢 Tell us about your educational background: I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Education through Liberty University, and I am currently working on my Master's in Elementary Education.

⚫️ Please share a bit about your experience in education: This is my seventh-year teaching and my fourth-year teaching 3rd grade students.

🟢 Why do you love working at CCS? I enjoy my job as an elementary teacher because it is such a pivotal age for students. In 3rd grade, we focus on becoming skilled writers and problem solvers.

At Calvary, I’m grateful to share the gospel with my class and help point them to the Lord as we learn together. I love working with families and helping them create goals for their students as a team!
It is a privilege to guide my class in becoming students who honor the Lord by taking on challenges in class.

⚫️ What is a fun fact about you? I love the lesson planning process and finding new and creative ways to teach concepts and encourage my students to be creative as well. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy reading and taking day trips around Georgia with my husband. I also enjoy calligraphy, watercolor painting, baking, and playing the piano.

Thank you, Mrs. Davis. We hope you and your 3rd graders have a great spring! 

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We’d like to introduce you to siblings Sebastian and Noah Griffeth. Sebastian is a junior and Noah is a freshman this year at Calvary.

🟢 How many years have you attended Calvary?
▪️ SEBASTIAN - I have been at Calvary for 4 years.
▪️ NOAH - This is my first year at Calvary.

⚫️ What are you involved in here at CCS?
▪️ SEBASTIAN - I’m on the Varsity Baseball team.
▪️ NOAH - I am a member of the Varsity Softball and Varsity Cross Country teams.

🟢 Tell us about a teacher/coach who has impacted your life while at CCS and why?
▪️ SEBASTIAN - Each of my coaches have impacted me during my time at Calvary but Coach Steve Smith has poured a lot of time and effort into me. He has sacrificed a lot to spend time with our team to help us grow physically and spiritually.
▪️ NOAH - Mrs. Anthony is a teacher who has impacted my life. She is so sweet and funny. She not only teaches us what we should know to grow academically but also spiritually. She shares stuff with us about her faith but also about the real world. She gives us life lessons and just puts so much thought, care, and effort into everything she does.

⚫️ Why do you enjoy attending CCS?
▪️ SEBASTIAN - I enjoy Calvary because every day I see my friends and my classes have teachers that have my best interest at heart. After school I go down to the baseball field to see my coaches and friends.
▪️ NOAH - I enjoy attending Calvary because of the environment; I love the teachers, coaches, and everyone that works here. I also love that we can learn about Christ openly.

Thank you both! We hope you have a wonderful junior year and freshman year!



Meet Mrs. Allison Miller! She’s taught at CCS for a total of 3 years and is our Middle School English teacher working with 7th and 8th grade students.

🟢 Please share about your experience in education - I’ve been an educator for 15 years. I opened a school for students with Dyslexia; I have taught in Harris and Muscogee County, and I’ve also taught students with visual impairments.

⚫️ Tell us about your education background - I have a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a Masters in Education.

🟢 What is a fun fact about you in regard to teaching? I love teaching with songs. Mainly because I learned the states in alphabetical order with a song when I was in middle school! A side note - I can’t sing, but the kids don’t care!

⚫️ Why do you love working at CCS? Calvary just feels like home to me. I adore the family nature of the school along with the camaraderie of the staff.

Thank you, Mrs. Miller! Wishing you and your middle school students a great spring!



We’d like to introduce you to 8th grader, Marley Tully!

🟢 How many years have you attended Calvary?

I have attended Calvary for 4 years.

⚫️ What are you involved in here at CCS?

I am a cheerleader. I am also in Student Government Association (SGA) and a member of the National Jr. Honor Society (NJHS).

🟢 Tell us about a teacher/coach who has impacted your life while at CCS and why?

Mrs. Prater has impacted my life because she made learning fun. She taught me so much about history and I really enjoyed it. She also made it really entertaining. She taught us interesting facts about the world.

⚫️ Why do you enjoy attending CCS?

There are so many great people here. They are always so kind and fun to be around. I have learned so many great things here that have impacted my life.


🟢 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself growing closer to the Lord. I also see myself going to college.

Thank you, Marley! We hope you enjoy the rest of your time in middle school and that you have a great high school experience next year!




This week we caught up with CCS graduate Ayden King to see what he’s been up to since graduating from Calvary.


🟢 What year did you graduate from CCS? I graduated as valedictorian from Calvary in 2019. 


⚫️ Where are you now? I am currently studying at Auburn University where I am pursuing concurrent degrees in Biomedical Sciences (Pre-Med) and Neuroscience, as well as a minor in Spanish.


🟢 What have you been involved with while in college? I have been greatly involved in the College of Science and Mathematics (COSAM) in many ways: I have been a Learning Assistant in a Microbiology class for 3 semesters, I currently serve as the Publicity Coordinator for Auburn's chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta (the nation's premier pre-health professions honor society) and was recently elected to serve as Treasurer next semester, I have made the Dean's List every semester at Auburn, and I have been performing undergraduate research in an aviary research lab for the last 2 semesters. I am currently pursuing these degrees and performing these activities in preparation for applications to medical school in the coming year. 


⚫️ Who influenced you the most while at CCS? While at CCS, I would say the person who had the greatest positive impact on me was Mr. Mike Yarbrough. He is an excellent teacher, a wise man, a biblical scholar, a trusted mentor, and role model, and most of all, a beloved friend to me. He always has what's best in mind for his students and coworkers, and he taught me many things about biblical theology and life as a whole that I still come back to today. I know that if I were to come to him in a time of need, that he would do everything he could to help me. I hope that I can one day be half of the man that he is, and I can never express how thankful I am for his instruction, his leadership, and his prayers for me and for all the students that have had a seat in one of his classes. If you are looking for a person at CCS to emulate, he is who I would recommend.


🟢 What advice do you have for current students who want to make the most out of their experience at CCS? I would tell current students to truly appreciate the environment of which they are a part. So many people work so very hard to create a place where not only secular, but spiritual knowledge is taught so that those who are young will be better prepared for life. Take advantage of every opportunity: try out for a sports team, play a role in the spring musical, be a part of an organization that you have a passion for, make friends and not petty rivals, enjoy your time with teachers and peers alike. Calvary Christian School is an excellent place for children to thrive, especially when they take their own initiative. I was very fortunate to attend and graduate from Calvary, a place where they teach the whole child the whole truth.


Thank you, Ayden! We are proud of your accomplishments thus far and can’t wait to hear about what you pursue after graduating from Auburn.

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This week we caught up with CCS graduate Tabby Newman to see what she’s been up to since graduating from Calvary in 2019.

Where are you now? I am a senior Molecular Biology Major at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN currently working as a researcher, lab manager, and Bio/Chem tutor. I will graduate this May and begin working on my Master’s in Biomolecular Science at Lipscomb with a focus on research. I also will be collaborating with a research lab at Yale for many aspects of my graduate research project. I plan to enroll in medical school pursuing an MD/PhD after my master’s.

Tell us about your college endeavors and involvement: During my time at Lipscomb, I have been involved in many clubs on campus such as the American Chemical Society, Tribeta: A National Biological Honors Society, and being a member of the Honor’s Council for the Honors college. My most prominent achievement is my involvement with research on campus. I have been lab manager of a neurodevelopmental research lab for over a year training 8 people on how to maintain adult Zebrafish stocks and experimental procedures. With my experience, I am a regular guest lecturer for a research methods class on why Zebrafish are a good model organism and how to perform an Immunohistochemistry. I also collect and prepare all embryos used for the Developmental Genetics class lab while also giving guidance on making stock solutions and general lab procedures. Currently, my main project in the lab is on the effects of Topoisomerase II inhibition with Hu-331 on embryonic cell death for which I won a grant to use to continue my research in this area. I have been able to present preliminary data on multiple different platforms including at the Tribeta National Conference.

Who influenced you the most while at CCS? There were many influences while at CCS, but the one that stands out the most is Mrs. Lisa Arnholt. Math had always been just another class for me to take until I was in her class. She saw potential in me that I was unaware of and turned math into my favorite subject I found myself looking forward to her class every day. She challenged me to stretch beyond my comfort zone and dig deep for math applications. I appreciate how she never gave me the answer, but always gave me the tools that allowed me to find it on my own. I enjoyed working on projects in her class that helped me develop critical thinking skills. I not only learned valuable algebra skills I continued to use in college, but I also developed an appreciation for how math is around me in every aspect of my life.

     As a senior, I tutored one of my freshman friends in Algebra and I enjoyed checking in with Mrs. Arnholt each week to see what topics I needed to cover in my sessions. Not only did Mrs. Arnholt help identify areas of need, but she also provided me with additional resources and suggestions on how to explain the concepts covered in class. I fell in love with tutoring my peers and have continued that practice here at Lipscomb thanks to her encouragement.

What advice do you have for current students who want to make the most out of their experience at CCS? Make the most of the relationships you make at CCS and learn from them. They have helped me develop into the person I am today and fashioned me to be successful in college. High school can feel like the whole world, but no one in college cares what grades your earned, clubs you joined, or sports you played in high school. What matters is what you learned. Push yourself to do more, be your best, and learn as much as possible while in high school because college is much harder and the harder you work in high school the easier college will be for you. Let the lessons you learn though your relationships and time at Calvary shape the person you will become after you leave.

Thank you, Tabby! We are proud of your accomplishments and look forward to hearing about your post-graduate adventures in biomolecular science!